Elly POS

Expand your business,
not the number of tools!

Accept all payment methods – cards, digital payments and crypto, on one device.

Elly smart point of sale system

All payment methods on one handy device

It really simplified the way we do business.
Such a time saver! No more switching between devices.
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Elly Smart POS

Don’t waste your money on multiple devices when Elly smart POS system is all you need.

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Low fees

No fine print and zero hidden costs that would surprise you at the end of the month. We believe that the POS terminal should not be a burden. Find out how low your fees can get today!
It’s also user friendly, so your staff does not require any additional training.

Control and export your payments on one device

Closing up shop at the end of the day no longer requires four different dashboards on three different devices. Easily export the payment data for your accounting or tax needs.
Monitor payments made at any point of sale. Overview and break down all your payments with the free Merchant Dashboard tool. Filter transactions, check their details and track their general statistics. Check their status on your phone, tablet or computer.


Attract those new high-spending crypto customers

Tap into a new customer base and reach millions of buyers by accepting crypto payments. Stay relevant by offering cryptocurrency payments – the next-generation payment method.

You can receive settlements in crypto or exchanged into your local currency, so you don’t need to worry about the crypto price volatility. Change the settlement currency anytime you wish!

Call one support team

Gone are the days where you would have to call three different call centers to resolve your dilemma. Our one team of professionals is here to answer and resolve any questions or issues you might have! Receipt printer stuck again? Call one number. Access full support for our smart POS system and each of the payment methods offered. The FAQ is always on hand, and so are we!


Easily add features to benefit your business.

Select third-party solutions that can generate extra revenue or cut your business expenses substantially.

Become a crypto exchange

Offer your customers the option to buy and sell cryptocurrency at your business. Explore another great option for attracting new clients or just offering a little bit extra to your existing customer base.

Loyalty programs

Create and run your own loyalty programs. Send notifications on discounts through emails or text messages. Conduct satisfaction surveys and offer rewards for valuable feedback.

Cash register software

Elly POS can also come with a fiscal cash register software. No more need for an external printer or other devices. It’s light in weight and easily portable, so you can go anywhere your business takes you.

Yes, there is an app for that!

Take a look at all additional cost-saving or revenue-creating features that your point of sale terminal can have. You can always pick and choose those which work for your business.

The device might be small, but the options are big.

It’s the smallest fee

Absolutely no hidden costs.
The transaction fees start from 0.99%

But don’t just take our word for it

Find merchants in your industry that Elly smart POS terminal helped increase their sales and reach their full business potential.

Set up Elly POS for free!

You can start using the Elly smart POS system today. The point of sale terminal comes without any additional costs to start. Don’t miss this early opportunity and become the trendsetter in your industry.

Choose the Elly smart POS terminal!

The only point of sale terminal that covers its costs by displaying ads

There is no better point of sale device on the market that will expand your business while simultaneously saving you additional operating costs with it’s extra features. You don’t need a large POS terminal; you just need a smart one. Are you ready?

Elly smart POS is an all in one point of sale device that enables you to accept both classic and new ways of payment: cards, cryptocurrencies, and other solutions that reflect the latest commerce trends. You can also offer payment instalment plans and increase your sales by providing your customers with the option to buy an item now and pay the full amount in small portions through a fixed period of time. The device might be small, but the options are big.


Elly smart POS is an Android-based smart POS terminal. It enables the processing of digital payments, card payments, and cryptocurrency payments. The device is NFC-supported, so it enables contactless mobile phone and card payments. The integrated cash register system also allows you to accept regular cash payments.

On the Elly POS device, you can also select cash as a payment method. The Merchant Dashboard conveniently provides you with an overview of all card, cash, mobile and digital payments in one place.

There is a good chance that your current cashier system has already integrated Elly POS. If not, then it can be easily integrated with the cash register system that you already use.

Elly smart POS supports crypto payments made with the Elly Wallet, the Bitcoin.com Wallet or Binance Pay.

Enter the purchase amount and the QR code will be generated. The customer scans the QR code with their wallet, confirms the transaction, and the slip will print automatically.

All transactions made through Elly smart POS can be viewed on your Merchant Dashboard at any time.


Card payments: you receive the settlements on the next working day into your business bank account. You will receive scheduled card billing reports to your email.


Cryptocurrency payments: if you choose to receive your settlement in crypto, the payments made at your point of sale terminals go to the crypto wallet on the Merchant Dashboard. There, you can choose to withdraw the funds to your external crypto wallet. This means that the assets can be withdrawn at any day or time.


If you choose to receive crypto settlements exchanged into your local currency (fiat), the billing (accounting) period is on a weekly basis.


Digital payments differ per provider. Contact our team for more info!

When accepting cryptocurrency payments, you can choose to keep the cryptocurrency you received, change it to another cryptocurrency or avoid it completely by receiving the settlements exchanged into your local currency.


If you therefore decide that you would not like to think about crypto volatility at all, you can receive the funds exchanged into your local currency. Crypto volatility can be a lot smaller, however, if you choose to receive the settlements in Tether (USDT), which is a stablecoin. 


If you decide you want to keep your assets in crypto, you can choose from any of the supported cryptocurrencies listed on the top of the page. The price of your assets will fluctuate according to the cryptocurrency market.


Moreover, you can change the settlement currency anytime you wish. In this way, you can accept crypto currency for one month and decide to switch back to your local currency in the next.

No, you do not. The POS device is not dependent on any bank or bank account.

Yes, you can cancel card payments after the transaction is made.

The batteries last for the whole day and can easily be recharged.

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to receive the device.

Your support team comes completely free of charge and you do not have to pay any monthly subscriptions whatsoever. We are available Monday to Friday between 8 am CET and 8 pm CET.

All you need is a connection to the Internet via a wireless router or through mobile data, and your point of sale terminal is ready.